Here Comes the Latest Political “Scandalcane”

Once upon a time, Herman Cain appeared a viable contender in the ever-growing pack of Republican cantidates poised to take the White House from Barack Obama and the Democratic party. This notion, however, is fleeting as of late. Cain's campaign is suffering from one allegation after another from a veritable parade of female accusers. ┬áThe… Continue reading Here Comes the Latest Political “Scandalcane”

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Hot Search Commentary: Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a great time to thank a war survivor for giving selflessly to a country that needs to have more selflessness. As a society, we've become preoccupied with Kardashian divorces and political scandals. We're quick to forgot, though, how much our war veterans have given us. They've given us our freedom. Our freedom… Continue reading Hot Search Commentary: Veterans Day