Here Comes the Latest Political “Scandalcane”

Credit: Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Once upon a time, Herman Cain appeared a viable contender in the ever-growing pack of Republican cantidates poised to take the White House from Barack Obama and the Democratic party.

This notion, however, is fleeting as of late.

Cain’s campaign is suffering from one allegation after another from a veritable parade of female accusers.  The latest in the procession, Ginger White, claims a 13-year affair with the candidate.

Within the last hour, reports Cain is rethinking his candidacy for the top Republican party spot.

But, are scandals becoming commonplace in politics?

It seems major media outlets report a new political scandal per day, if not on the hour.  Sex scandals, money scandals, rhetoric scandals and policy scandals, to name a few.

Is the American public growing bored with the unrelenting scandal parade?

Gov. Rick Perry, when tongue twisted over a question at a recent GOP debate, responded “oops.”  As soon as this occurred, media outlets claimed his run for presidency over.

News reports for Newt Gingrich uncovered multiple divorces and affairs in his past.

But, does the public even care?

The political landscape is ever pock-marked with scandal.  Recent thoughts include Bill “I did not have relations with that woman” Clinton, lest we forget Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Weiner.

Perhaps we live in a time where scandal is so frequent, it’s dull and numbing to the mind.  Sure there are still plenty of concerned citizens who care, but has the media overkilled the subject?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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