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LATEST: Police Storm Wall Street Occupiers in Zuccotti Park

Occupiers clash with police in Zuccotti Park. Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is reporting this morning that protesters have been vacated from Zuccotti Park, where Wall Street protesters have been camped out since the beginning of the occupation.

The post reports that police stormed the encampment at 1 a.m., posting incredible pictures from the ejection.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg cited the threat protesters have become to local residents and businesses, as well as the fire and sanitation concerns.

Bloomberg added that protesters would be able to return as soon as the park is sanitized.  There as been some confusion as to whether the occupiers would be allowed back with or without tents, with Bloomberg saying no, and and NYC judge approving the use of the camping gear in the park.

The news outlet also reports 200 arrests so far.

The eviction comes after similar evictions in Portland, Oakland, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta.

And, according to the Occupy Tampa Facebook page, Tampa Police began confiscating personal property late last night from the protesters.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

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