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Hot Search Commentary: Joe Paterno Fired, Student Body Riots

Last night's dismissal of Penn State University's long-standing football coach Joe Paterno 
led to riots by the student body, as reported by the New York Times.

While the circumstances surrounding the firing certainly warrant the separation, 
the public response is candid.  

Paterno, or Joe Pa as fans passionately called the coaching legend, is at the middle of a 
scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. 

Sandusky, a former coach on Paterno's staff and founder of Second Mile, a foster home 
for troubled boys, is involved in a child abuse case.  

But, should Paterno have been fired before it's known how much he really knew about 
Sandusky's problem?  

Based on the student response, no.  Based on the general public's outrage, yes.  

This incident unfortunately brings a storied coaching career to a crashing halt.  
Paterno could perhaps coach at another school.  

But, Paterno's hinted at retirement for years.

Should this incident mar Paterno's legacy? Or is it just a blemish on his remarkable time  
at Penn State? Tell us in the comments below.

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