New Camera Promises Another Dimension

The new Fujifilm Finepix REAL 3D W3

High definition and LED have been buzzwords in technology circles for the last 5 years, but 3D promises to up the ante starting with the Finepix Real 3D W3.

3D is no longer something a user merely views; the introduction of Fujifilm’s consumer-level 3D point-and-shoot camera now gives users the chance to create the 3D environment.

Multi-dimensional shooting is accomplished on the W3 using two lenses, a practice meant to mimic that of human eyes.

The W3 comes outfitted with a 3.5-inch Autostereoscopic screen on the back that displays images in real, no-glasses-needed 3D.

The parallax button on the W3 allows the consumer to alter the field of view and perception of the photo.

A 2D switch button introduces versatility depending on the shooting situation and location.

But, not only does the camera take stills, it shoots 3D video as well.

Yet, A 3D TV isn’t necessarily needed to see the neat pictures created by the camera.  Zalman offers a 3D computer monitor for roughly $800.  The monitor employs the 3D retardation model, making this a no-glasses-needed 3D product.

Fujifilm wasn’t available for comment, but recently said in a quote on Technologizer.com that they believed the market would respond positively to the product, and said the introduction could begin a price drop across the board with consumer 3D electronics.

It’s surreal to imagine how 3D home movies will revolutionize sites like YouTube in the future.

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