A Life Aquatic

Making up 73 percent of the brain and 80 percent of muscles and kidneys, this key element plays a vital role in sustaining the human framework by maintaining inner core temperatures and transporting nutrients through the bloodstream. It’s in charge of building cells, flushing waste, and absorbing shock.

But perhaps water’s most vital role in sustaining human life is its role in hydration. Without the proper levels, we experience declines in cognitive performance and decision-making skills. The slightest level of dehydration can influence mood and impact attention to detail.

Staying hydrated isn’t merely crucial for those working long hours outside in the blistering heat. It’s equally important to stay at the appropriate level of hydration for each individual body type even in temperature-controlled office environments. Based on research from experts in the field, it’s estimated that four out of five adults in the United States conduct their daily routine in at least a mildly dehydrated state.

Adhering to the early warning signs of dehydration will keep you feeling rested and energized throughout the day, whether at the desk or the beach. Here are a few signs you may be experiencing dehydration:

  • Observe the tint and hue of urine when using the restroom. Even a slight hint of yellow can signal the need for more water.
  • Count how many times a day you visit the restroom. If it’s less than six, you’re experiencing dehydration.
  • Monitor the texture of your mouth. If it feels dry and sticky, reach for a hydrating beverage.
  • Note the smell of your breath. An unpleasant aroma coming from your mouth indicates the need to replenish bodily water levels.
  • Track your cravings. Since water is required to release glycogens, desiring a sweet treat is also an important hint of desiccation.

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