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Big Freedia Bringing Bounce To Bonnaroo

When Big Freedia takes the stage at Bonnaroo this summer, booties will bounce.

Freedia, fresh off one of her biggest performances to date, a late-night performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, is known as the “Queen Diva” of bounce, a type of music that originated with Freedia and other artists from New Orleans.

Bounce music, for those unfamiliar, is best described in a recent interview Freedia gave to Fuse TV, where she’s quoted describing it as “simple, uptempo, heavy bass, call and response type music.”

Freedia’s career so far has landed her in prestigious places like the New York Times, who wrote a full-fledged lifestyle piece on her career-to-date.

And, Freedia just released her first-ever video game on her Web site, aptly named the Booty Battle Game, where, you guessed it, two voluptuous booties battle for the best bulge.  Players pick from four different “booties,” and battle it out.

But her music career began as a sophomore in high school.

“I got my start singing in the choir” said Freedia.

Her role as a choir director and eventual sharing of her love of music with friends is what initially gave her the spark to enter the New Orleans musical threshold.

Her involvement with the local music scene has landed her guest appearances and performances with some of the most well-known names in music from New Orleans, LA., to Brooklyn, NY.

“I’ve collaborated with artists like Galactic and Matt and Kim,” said Freedia.

Freedia mentions her love for performing at festivals, and said concert attendees might even see her outside of Centeroo, Bonnaroo’s main stage and vendor area.

“We’ll definitely be walking around,” said Freedia.

Recent health issues forced Freedia to cancel some of her most recent tour, but Freedia said since her health issues are now resolved, she’s ready to come back bigger and better, noting that the crowds at every show is the force behind her continued assault on music.

“The fans is what keeps me going,” said Freedia.

In parting, Freedia has advice for first-time Bonnaroo campers:  Be prepared.

Check out Big Freedia on social media and the Web:





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