Frankly Speaking

The Clerk of the Circuit Court performs so many duties, she can barely remember them all.

“It’s one of the secret mysteries of the world,” said Clerk of the Circuit Court Pat Frank.

The Clerk undertakes many mundane, but important tasks from county audits to tax deed sales.

She essentially collects and orders the glue that keeps society, at least in Hillsborough County, together.

“It would really be hard to enumerate all the things we do,” agreed Director of Official Records JoAnn M. Constantini.

It doesn’t stop, however, with taxes and audits.  The clerk is in charge of marriage licences, jury services and mental health too.

While Frank may seem a little too calm and collected in her task recital, her career in public service has been anything but hushed.

According to Frank’s personal bio on spoke.com, she began her career in public service serving on the Hillsborough County School Board in 1972.  From there she went to the Florida House of Representatives in 1976 and the Florida Senate in 1988.

She’s accumulated her fair share of accolades over the years including firsts for women in Florida as most effective member and most respected senator.

Frank also joins a long line of county personnel and professionals to initiate their own blog – hers is called Frank Talk.  Here she disseminates some of the information presented on the circuit court’s website in her own words.

Even though the clerk gives a sense of sanity to the multi-faceted governmental agency, there is always controversy waiting around the corner

The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported In late 2007 that Frank was sued by a disgruntled employee, whom upon return from active duty in military, found her supervisory position unavailable.

Fortunately, the incident wasn’t enough to derail Frank’s inclusion in the Ten At The Top documentary, which also occured in 2007.  The film spotlighted top female county heads around the Tampa Bay area and debuted at a number of film festivals and women’s conferences across Florida.

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